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St. Julian's

The small town of St. Julian's stretches along the Bay of Spinola, a short distance from the capital itself, La Valetta. In the past it was a fishing village, today it is a bustling tourist center.

St. Julian's is a place that favors holiday relaxation - bathing and water sports, diving, long walks, admiring the views and watching the colorful crowd of tourists, savoring specialties from all over the world. You can find all this on the promenade along the coast, visiting Marina Portomaso or relaxing in one of the cafes in Balluta Square.

In St. Julian's, you can find historical sites, such as the 17th-century Italian palace Spinola and the observation tower from the same period built by the Order of the Knights of Malta, as well as the old church of St. Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Spinola Bay

The heart of St. Julian's is Spinola Bay. It is a small bay where small fishing boats are moored. There is no possibility of swimming there, but the whole bay is surrounded by a promenade, so you can count on a walk with beautiful views. On the west side of Spinola there are many restaurants offering terrace tables. So you can taste delicious Maltese cuisine while admiring Spinola.

St Georges Bay

This place is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Malta. Located in the heart of the entertainment mecca known as Paceville, this is the place where many tourists and students enjoy plunging into Malta's azure waters. The beach is worth visiting at any time of the day - nice weather and the omnipresent sun encourage all visitors to laze on the sand, enjoy the beautiful weather of our islands. Maybe also meet many people from different countries who have visited Malta to learn English.

 Balluta Bay

Is a small beach, perfect not only for swimming, but also for romantic evening walks

Balluta Bay has a tiny sandy beach with bright green waters and has a rocky shoreline with plenty of flat rocks for sunbathing and relaxing. Azure Water The Balluta Bay is perfect for swimming, water sports and snorkeling. The bay is also a popular diving spot for beginners as it has a sandy seabed. Balluta Bay is located just below the popular promenade that stretches from Sliema to St. Julian's and is one of the best places for long walks. The beach is right in front of the beautiful neo-Gothic Carmelite parish church with many interesting shops and restaurants nearby.

Porotmaso Port

This is where private yachts and larger boats are moored. It is without doubt the most exclusive area in St. Julian's. Exclusive not only because of expensive yachts, but mainly because of the private apartment buildings surrounding the port and the Hilton hotel. It is worth going to Portomaso for two reasons. The first is a walk around the port. While strolling, you can admire the wonderful boats mooring on the shimmering sea. I recommend a walk during the day, but also in the evening after sunset. The second reason to go to Portomaso are the local restaurants where you can taste delicious seafood.

Cat's Village

There is a unique cat village between Portomaso and Spinola Bay. There are actually several such villages in Malta. The Maltese people love cats and set up villages so that homeless cats have a place to sleep and eat. Cat Village in St. Julian's is one of the higher-level ones, because the cats have small houses, baskets, special beds and, of course, plenty of cat food. Willing people can make a donation to keep the place.

The heart of the city's entertainment is Paceville. It is a few streets in the city center with pubs and clubs. In the morning, Paceville looks like a ghost town - all clubs are closed and hardly any living soul is there. In the evenings, Paceville is bursting at the seams and everything happens there. Often the parties move from the clubs to the streets and it's even hard to get through the crowd. In the evenings, residents from all over the island come to Paceville, but also young tourists.