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Rosselli has six unique designer room categories all centered around historical detail. I will help you discover it and, as all good things go, they need to be savoured slowly and deeply. From the splendidly extravagant one-of-a-kind Sixteen 34 Suite for a memorable stay in the city to the remaining sumptuous rooms. All these rooms are Designer Suites that range from the boldly aesthetic to a delicate and soothing atmosphere packaged together with all the perks and privilege.

Comfort Rooms

This is Maruzzo. These comfort rooms, are a clever blend of old and new, infused with the charm of the younger generation of the Rosselli family. Maruzzo, the heir to the family fortunes, was Rosselli’s pride and joy and the comfort rooms offer the contemporary classical style which evokes the younger generation of this great family.

Deluxe Rooms

Enter the Mezza Croce, the Deluxe Rooms. This was a very prestigious title awarded to Pietro Rosselli by the Order of St. John for his artistry, ability and attention to detail. I take particular pride in sharing with you these deluxe rooms which take on the detailed artistry reminiscent of the former owner of the house and worthy of the accolade in their own right.

Superior Rooms

Here lie the Superior Rooms - Named after Pietro Rosselli’s wife, Alusietta, the superior rooms reflect this woman’s serene character. My Lady was elegant, altruistic and of impeccable taste, and these rooms mirror her and act as a peaceful escape. The lady-like undertones which permeate these rooms give them an added serenity.

Executive Rooms

The master of the house was Don Pietro, after whom these Executive Rooms are named. His presence is felt here as these rooms evince his own character. A gifted artist with a love for humanity, the rooms named after Pietro Rosselli, are imbued with an inspirational design. Having such immense responsibility on his shoulders, he too needed relief from stress, which is why these rooms have private spa and wellness facilities.

Junior Suites

Here are the 3 Herons which form the Junior Suites – In case you are querying the connection, these link Pietro Rosselli to his family crest, the three herons. As a heraldic symbol of the Rosselli family, the herons symbolise calmness, grace and tranquillity. These duplex rooms are rich in architecture and design which, in turn, transforms these symbols to reality.

Sixteen 34 Suite

This is the piéce de résistance, the Sixteen 34 Suite. The year of 1634 is the date of the Rosselli-Massa marriage, two rich bourgeois families, a young couple finally free from chaperones. The wildly extravagant Sixteen 34 suite is only for those who seriously like to enjoy themselves. Whether it is for business or pleasure, this suite is like a chameleon, it will modify to your needs.

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167 Merchants Street, Valletta VLT 1174, Malta

 +356 2124 5245